Cautions – SPOON’s Counterfeit or Unauthorized Products

Recently, many counterfeit or unauthorized products that SPOON did not certify the sales are disseminated in the market. Consequently, SPOON receives many inquiries from the customers who bought the products from the sellers that are not authorized by SPOON.

Especially, majorities of queries come from the customers who bought products via auction site or via SNS. Please be careful when you see the products that are not sold via the authorized website and SNS described below or the products which are extremely low prices.

  • SPOON is not responsible for the incident or defect when you bought the counterfeit or unauthorized products. SPOON will not accept any return, refund, exchange to authorized product for the copy or similar products.
  • Please contact the shops or sales representatives of the products you bought when such products have in trouble or defect except that you bought it from SPOON’s shops or authorized dealers.
  • Please be sure beforehand whether the shop you plan to buy the products is the authorized dealers or not. If you are not sure the products you bought are authorized or not, please contact the shops or sales person you bought.
  • SPOON will best effort to control strictly over the infringing manufacturers or sellers. However, for your safety, SPOON strongly recommend not to buy the counterfeit or unauthorized goods and buy products from authorized agency or authorized dealers.
  • Please contact SPOON by the following query form when you find the website selling the counterfeit or infringing products.

Please use the below link regarding Query for this matter
Inquiry Form:

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